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lebedeva galina

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Femme russe ou ukrainienne a verifier
Prenom, Nom lebedeva galina
Date de naissance 21 mai 1982
Ville, Pays Russie, ---
Adresse kazan, serova street 2 post code 420102
Telephone +79877034832
Echantillons de ses messages
  • > Hi my dear .......> I waited your letter. I only not always can to answer you at once.> I think of you when I wake up in morning.> When I go to bed in evening.> It is always interesting to me to knew what you do in same minute when I think of you.> You also think of me in morning and in evening?> I am happy that I have you in my life.> I am very romantic person.> I like to surprise to care of my beloved by any pleasant small gift.> That he could to feel my love and care of him also.> I dream that beside me was true man whom love and care I also could to feel.> My Nader you are romantic person?> You had any surprise for your beloved in past?> What in relations you appreciate most of all?> Also I very much like to cook.> You like to cook? > Are you good cook? > In the childhood when I was still small girl my mum always spoke me> that the man likes a stomach, the man like to eat and him wife always need to cook for a tasty supper.> Since the early childhood I helped to mum to cook.> She taught me to cook.> And now I have understood that she spoke me the truth.> What at me the most favorite dish?> It probably rumpled baked in an oven together with potato mmmmmmmm it's very tasty :-)> I like it!> Also I like to cook various salads, the fish and other seafoods.> What is your favorite dish? What food your like?> It possible I can to cook for you also :-)> I look forward to hearing from you soon.> With each letter I like you all more and more, it seems to me that you are very good person!!> You have beautiful heart and I like it!> Why I not meet you earlier?> Now I have a phone number!!! You can call or write messages there. Only I can answer in the evening. To us have forbidden to use phone on work not to distract.> My number ++79877034832> It will be very good if you can inform me the phone number. And I can write you the message there> I would love that you was beside me now and we could to have dinner together :-)> I think of you.> I kiss you.> Your Galina!!

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