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Ekaterina Shevchenko

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Femme russe ou ukrainienne a verifier
Prenom, Nom Ekaterina Shevchenko
Date de naissance 09 août 1986
Ville, Pays Rjev, Russie
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  • My dear, the travel company will prepare all my documents, and also buy me tickets at both ends. According to a tourist visa, I must have round-trip tickets. It is necessary. A travel company will provide me with a bus to Moscow from my city. In Moscow, I will meet their employee. They will help me get through a meeting at the embassy and provide me with a hostel in Moscow so that I can calmly wait for my plane and have an interview. I asked them to calculate the cost of all services. The total cost, taking into account the cheapest tickets out 1850 $. This is a very large amount for me. I received money for my vacation, and I also had my own savings. Total I have 1200 $. My dear is not enough. I need 650 $. I am very distant. Now I don’t know what to do. I have no where to get this money and no one can lend it to me. I have to ask you for help, because it concerns the two of us. If you are not ready to help me, then maybe you will come to me in the near future, while my vacation is going on ?? I'm just trying to find a way out and make our meeting real.My birthday is August 10th. You can check our compatibility). I work in a beauty salon. Now I am on vacation, but I usually work 12 hours a day, except weekends. I am writing to you from an internet cafe. I pay money for an hour of using the Internet. My dear, I am glad to learn more about your past relationships, but now we only need to look to the future.

    My dear I must go now. I need to calm down, because I'm very worried. I believe only in good, and we will find a way out of this situation. I madly want to be with you.I will be waiting for your reply. I miss you. Your Ekaterina.  

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